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    Dari blogger asal Indonesia, tampaknya meluangkan waktu untuk membuat data kontur seluruh Indonesia. sebenarnya data ini relatif mudah dibuat, cukup menggunakan data citra DEM gratis seperti ASTER GDEM atau SRTM, dari hasil telaah, tampaknya data ini diturukan dari data SRTM diupload ke mediafire : Peta Kontur Sumatera Peta Kontur NAD Peta Kontur Sumatera Utara Peta Kontur Riau Peta Kontur Sumatera Barat Peta Kontur Jambi Peta Kontur Sumatera Selatan Peta Kontur Bengkulu Peta Kontur Lampung Peta Kontur BaBel Peta Kontur Banten Peta Kontur Jawa Barat Peta Kontur DKI Jakarta Peta Kontur Jawa Tengah Peta Kontur Banjarnegara Peta Kontur Banyumas Peta Kontur Batang Peta Kontur Blora Peta Kontur Boyolali Peta Kontur Brebes Peta Kontur Cilacap Peta Kontur Demak Peta Kontur Grobogan Peta Kontur Jepara Peta Kontur Karanganyar Peta Kontur Kebumen Peta Kontur Kendal Peta Kontur Klaten Peta Kontur Kota Magelang Peta Kontur Kota Salatiga Peta Kontur Kota Semarang Peta Kontur Kota Surakarta Peta Kontur Kudus Peta Kontur Magelang Peta Kontur Pati Peta Kontur Pekalongan Peta Kontur Pemalang Peta Kontur Purbalingga Peta Kontur Purworejo Peta Kontur Rembang Peta Kontur Semarang Peta Kontur Sragen Peta Kontur Sukoharjo Peta Kontur Tegal Peta Kontur Temanggung Peta Kontur Wonogiri Peta Kontur Wonosobo Peta Kontur DI. Yogyakarta Peta Kontur Jawa Timur Peta Kontur Bali Peta Kontur Nusa Tenggara Barat Peta Kontur Nusa Tenggara Timur Peta Kontur Kalimantan Selatan Peta Kontur Kalimantan Tengah Peta Kontur Kalimantan Barat Peta Kontur Kalimantan Timur Peta Kontur Sulawesi Selatan Peta Kontur Sulawesi Tenggara Peta Kontur Sulawesi Barat – Sulawesi Tengah Peta Kontur Gorontalo Peta Kontur Sulawesi Utara Peta Kontur Papua Barat Peta Kontur Papua Timur Peta Kontur Papua Selatan Peta Kontur Maluku Utara Peta Kontur Maluku Selatan link asal : http://erfan1977.wordpress.com/download-peta-gratis/peta-kontur/ credit kepada pembuatnya, tidak saya cek apakah link masih hidup atau tidak, silahkan disedot
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    I don't think it states it in the article, but In the link below, it states that values correspond to the "peak growing season". And thanks! I'll check it out. I may have to do some classification on my own to get the resolution that I want. https://landcover.usgs.gov/glc/TreeCoverDescriptionAndDownloads.php
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    You may have not seen it in the other thread, but I'd like to make an apology to you regarding what I wrote. It's not fair to assume because others do it, you do as well. I've had people in the past message me on this site about software they are selling and it's increasing in frequency. This is why I reacted the way I did. I do not understand, nor pretend to understand the underpinnings of what "medicine" entails as I am just an end-user. Once again, I apologize.
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    Use ArcPy instead. I sent you the sample code in pm
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    There are too many videos on youtube explaining how to do so... here is one of them:
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    locate a suitable place for wind turbines could be tricky, you need additional criteria right? like place with high speed and direction of wind, but if you only use those two criterias (slope and road radius) then this would really simple task you can use simple method like overlay for slope, make classification for slope, higher score for flat terrain and small score for rugged terrain for road, you need a line data and make buffer 100 m and beyond 100 m, highest score for distance beyond 100m overlay both of data, the combination of beyond 100 distance of road and flat terrain will create highest score, that the place you are looking for
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    If the extent of all rasters are same.. it can be done easily. 1. List all rasters in a folder 2. Loop through list to select rasters from particular year. ( It can be done by matching the year with the name of raster. As u have mentioned name include year) 3. Then sum of all the raster can be done. If u r comfortable with R I can share code that I have already written to accomplish this task.
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    here get the extention and the helps.... http://www.crwr.utexas.edu/gis/archydrobook/ArcHydroTools/Tools.htm regards