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  2. Hello, I have some basic doubts in Arc-Map. Please answer I want to convert the blank spaces within the map into another feature class. How could that be done? I have roads and forests in the map now. I want the remaining blank spaces to be like a feature class like polygons or even as raster. How is it possible? I tried by making a feature class (polygon) covering entire study area and then subtracted roads and forests from this using raster calculator. I then realized it doesn't subtract spatially instead based on the attribute values
  3. Hi upay82 Thank you very much for the technique to solve the problem. I have done it!!!! Thanks alot upay82
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  5. Esri training

    sorry for short notice.. there is a free MOOC of "Earth Imagery at Work" Be aware registration closes the 22nd FEB 2018, so hurry up! https://www.esri.com/training/catalog/57aba196cbc441087e0d2395/earth-imagery-at-work/
  6. Linkage mapper

    Hey Maya007, i done a resistance raster and ran a linkage mapper, pls check this link http://www.circuitscape.org/linkagemapper , regards
  7. Hello: I am working with Sentinel 2 images to generate NDVI maps, using QGIS. I create the NDVI image with the raster calculator using the formula NDVI=(NIR-R)/(NIR+R), but I wonder how do other factors such as cloud shadow or the previous treatment of the images. I also would like to know the difference of working with the 1C data or the 2A data to get NDVI values.
  8. Linkage mapper

    How to create resistance raster for linkage mappers?
  9. Hi upay82, I try do the way you give, but i just get this ==================================================================== Reading file C:/Amap/15728640.img. File: C:/Amap/15728640.img, length 12976128 Header: 20.02.2018 06:12:50, DSKIMG, XOR 00, V 0.00, Ms 0 Mapset: KL Map length s-f CP prio PID FID name I0F00000 NT 12959933 1 1252 24 S End. ==================================================================== Split all maps. Input file: C:/Amap/15728640.img. Reading file C:/Amap/15728640.img. Output path: C:/Amap Using original file C:/Amap/15728640.img for mapset. Write file mapset.mp Write file mapset.tdb Write file mapset.mdx Running compiler for preview map compilation. ""cgpsmapper.exe" -l "C:/Amap/mapset.mp""
  10. Linkage mapper

    How could we create a resistance raster to use for linkage mapper?
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  12. Village boundary map for India

    You can get the customized GIS Maps by MapsofIndia https://www.mapsofindia.com/custom-maps/
  13. Hi MapXL

    We at MapXL provide custom mapping and GIS Services to a wide range of business industries. Utilizing the latest software, datasets, imagery our expert and professional staff work efficiently to deliver products and services to meet your specific needs.
  14. Linkage mapper

    @spazzleThanks for the reply and for the links
  15. Linkage mapper

    Linkage Mapper is a GIS tool designed to support regional wildlife habitat connectivity analyses. It consists of several Python scripts, packaged as an ArcGIS toolbox, that automate mapping of wildlife habitat corridors. http://www.circuitscape.org/linkagemapper Forum https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/linkage-mapper
  16. I have a set of polygons showing core forests and also sets of lines showing the connections between core forests. Is it possible to link these polygons with the given lines using linkage mapper?
  17. Linkage mapper

    Hello all, Can anyone suggest where i could find details about "Linkage mapper". I tried to run linkage mapper tools in ArcMap 10.5 version and it shows some errors Thanks
  18. Least cost method in Arcmap

    Thanks I ll try that
  19. Least cost method in Arcmap

    yes, If you are using 10.5.1 I assume you have original license from ESRI, I suggest you to try ArcGIS pro, if you have access to arcgis online organizational license, it is more stable, and if you make a model using model builder, it has new tool called cost path as polyline, so your workflow will be simplified,
  20. Least cost method in Arcmap

    It started to work now. As you said it must be just some random error due to software issues:) Thanks a lot
  21. Least cost method in Arcmap

    @pasfans, Thanks for the reply. I use ArcMap 10.5.1. I was trying to use this tool to learn how it works. So i was using dummy files and that may be the problem. I drew a point in the map using editor and assumed it as origin. Do you think that would be the reason for the error ? All the best with your thesis
  22. Least cost method in Arcmap

    what arcgis version you are using? I currently working on my thesis about LCP too, and for ArcGIS 10.6, the cost distance tool sometimes giving up random error failed to process, now I moved to arcgis pro which is more stable,
  23. Hello again, I was trying to do least cost distance using ArcMAp. I tried to run least cost distance tool and it shows error as 999999. The input raster used in the cost distance tool were 1.A raster file showing the origin 2. Resulting file from a weighted overlay tool. I think the raster file showing the origin has some problem which stops the operation. I was trying with a dummy point to know how this funtion works. Is it because of that? I first made a point shape file in the map and then made the point shape file into a raster file. This was then used for the least distance operation. Waiting for some replies. Thanks a lot, Maya
  24. Detecting plant disease by remote sensing

    I know one initiative who are doing similar project with Wageningen University. They have successfully done few similar work in Natherlands. This project is using Sentinel-2 image and combining that with local weather information to calculate late-blight disease vulnerability index. The project implements IDL and Python to automate the RS analysis. So far I know, this disease is highly dependent on moisture and temperature, and potato fields are relatively easy to identify from RS data. We are doing something similar, but for paddy. There might be some algorithms already which you need to research.
  25. Detecting plant disease by remote sensing

    So far, I have collected data on plants with blight(in a test field), but I will collect data on plants without blight in the coming season. And, yes if I find this out, I'll certainly publish my results. And I appreciate your response to my question.
  26. Detecting plant disease by remote sensing

    It could be the correct approach, but it's basic or applied research that will take trial and error through scientific process. There is no canned answer. There are plenty of studies that support NDVI, or other vegetation indices (both narrow and broadband), serving as a proxy for crop health, vigor, LAI, etc. Red edge has also shown promise in detecting the subtleties between a green, healthy plant and a relatively green, unhealthy plant. The common denominator among these studies are field data; field data that has been collected in a meaningful and statistically rigorous manner so you can model the relationship between a vegetation index and the phenomenon of interest, in this case blight. Have you collected ground truth data on plants with blight and plants without? Can this be discerned at the spatial resolution that you are collecting at (5 meter overhead)? If you find this out and can recommend optimal collection parameters and methods using UAS to detect blight, then I highly suggest that you publish your results.
  27. Hello, I was trying to add several raster layers with values 0 and 1 using raster calculator. The raster layers have different spatial extents so i used the layer with maximum area as the processing extent in the calculator. But the results are weird and range of results are ranging from -2000 to +2000. Why is it so or am i missing something important while doing raster additions? Please drop in your comments. Thanks in advance, Maya
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