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  2. Believe me, you wouldn't like to see 99% Then you will not be able even to surf on Internet. I had such experience while rendering in 3ds Max. These are the moments when I realize that my CPU fan has another gear
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  4. Could use any open source for share GIS data like web server or something like that for made the share ...regards
  5. Thank you dear Lurker
  6. I am back . Need access to software section. Will be regular Thanks T0r0
  7. see this, and you will understand how ESRI really bad in this implementation
  8. also CPU usage is 31% only
  9. i like 3D printing dress. print dress
  10. then do not use ArcGIS product you can use any open source alternative
  11. Capricorn is correct memory only for temporary storage, all the heavy burden goes to CPU anyone can confirm that ArcGIS using the advantages of GPU proc? modern Software should use CUDA or similar function
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  13. I don't think this operation uses memory but a processor speed. When you start loading this shape, then your PC uses memory.
  14. Hi, I wonder if anyone has a tool or a method that can help me to Publish an orthophoto without the need to include it in mxd file. Thank you Fatin
  15. Dear all I want to extract a raster values to a very heavy point shapefile (with 1.700.000 points!) in ArcMap. It takes very long but only uses 37% of my memory? How can I allow ArcMap to use more memory to save my time?
  16. I would ask him, as he has background both in computer science and geography, please explain how topology works behind the scene.
  17. searching around and I found that he expert in cave and karst I would like to ask bout latest GIS application in Cave/Karst subject
  18. Hi, one of the pioneers of GIS, M.F. Goodchild, is visiting my university and he will be also coming to my class. Our teacher assigned everyone two articles we are supposed to read and think of 2 questions we will ask Mr. Goodchild (m articles are and Does anyone have an interesting question they would like me to ask him? I am pretty new to GIS and also I am not from the US so Id like to get some ideas from other people. I can of course reproduce the answer here if you want. Thank you! Jan
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  20. now you back as a member, please make sure to stay login and active often here so you wont be caught by our system and throw back to limited inactive members
  21. Well it's pretty obvious that ArcGIS Pro will be the new defacto desktop envvironment soon. As for the current ArcGIS desktop, I always leave 64-bit processing off. It usually alleviates about 95% of any potential problems. If I need background processing (which is rare), there is other software outside of the ESRI framework that will allow for that or I'll use a workstation at work precisely for this purpose... set it and leave it.
  22. yeah, ESRI made bad execution to implement 64bit on to ArcGIS, right now it just feel like frankensoftware, 64bit just stick to the software with a ducktape, LOL seems they realize it and make ArcGIS pro, LOL
  23. It's refreshing to hear someone else who feels that the 64 bit background processing isn't worth the trouble it creates. It's such a crappy implementation in the desktop environment.
  24. I use 10.4.1 and dont have serious error to eliminate error, disable background proc, since this 64bit function pretty much useless if you want 64bit, go straight to arcgis pro when you run processing. avoid minimize the program arcgis 10.5 relatively new. no support yet from most extension.
  25. All versions have bugs... all versions will eventually give the 999999 error with no explanation. Its really up to you with respect to what toolboxes you need or even if any of the new features are relevant to what you do.
  26. I have 10.4 it has a simple bug, The first time you run it on your windows os each tool you lunch no matter what app crashes and you must terminate it but if you run it again it works fine
  27. Anyone has experience to these ArcMap's version? Using Medicine which version most stable (most tools function etc) ? Share free your idea ?
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