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  3. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    yeah let's see who is enthusiast for flat earth here, I am pretty sure there is a few Flat Earth Militant here despite of being Spatial Expertise
  4. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    this is how it look for flat earthers. heres how it supposed to look in the bible. here's another concept a perspective one I think its not nonesense if you have an open mind.
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  6. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    Flat Earth ....very funny idea, lock with this, regards.
  7. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    but if you insist discussing flat earth it would be amusing for this community, you can go on
  8. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    Hahaha WTF means What The Flat Sure sensei, I just wonder if there is volunteer who wants to help them out looking for the new coordinate system Anyway it is not only OFF TOPIC but also OFF SENSE topic haha cheers but It is really important more than who sells crack and asking for bitcoin transfer IYKWIM
  9. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    huahahaha yes planar earth do not need projection, but if it revealed the flat coordinate. the accurate mapping is achieved no need geodetic anymore, no need GNSS just need to know exact border coordinate each the flat earth Seems like ambitious project
  10. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    WTF, save your time from this illogical thing use it for more useful things
  11. the Earth is Flat and The Proof is Real?

    yes, FE should develop their own theories about coordinate system used in FE, as far as the Map they always to brag is just a conic projection of earth centered in north pole, like what we found at UN logo, but I guess they wont bother,
  12. If the Earth was Flat, it will ease us to calculate anything especially related to spatial context. But unfortunately no one help to prove it that the Earth is Flat. So if you are Flat Earth Enthusiast, you are on the right side.
  13. Turbidity and water quality in Landsat8

    could you please re-update the file ?
  14. all done btw for rodog there are another username called rodog1, is it yours? I will combine both of them,
  15. Goodluck for your dissertation, what the topic you take? let's discuss it in OFF TOPIC section
  16. Hi guys, I'm sorry but this is a google translation. I need access to the areas of "Software" and "Free Data and Interesting Links". I suppose my denial of access will have to do with my inactivity, but it is not for lack of interest in the forum, rather it has to do with my limited understanding of English. The forum and the page are very interesting to my understanding! I hope I can access the areas mentioned! Greetings to all!
  17. i was not aware fully back now
  18. Earlier
  19. Hello, I just download the exe of arcgis desktop 10.5.1, how ever i could not found the exe of the licence manager. If any one have it i will be gratefull if you can send it to me. Best regards.
  20. I need to develop a web page showing terrain that can be accomplished using cesium. A user may upload a shapefile/KML or select an area from Map. Once a shape/feature (polygon) is added to the map, how can it be used to extract 3D terrain model encompassing the defined polygon in any of the 3D model formats like obj? The extracted model is then to be displayed on the web page that can be done via three.js probably. So here are my questions. 1. How can I extract a 3D terrain model in cesium (or any other platform) as per defined area? 2. How can that model be displayed on the webpage at runtime? I have programming experience in leaflet, R Shiny, Python etc. but I am quite new to 3D modelling. I have been searching the web for days but couldn't find anyway to accomplish the task. Any hint on how to proceed, guidelines or tutorial would be highly appreciated.
  21. How to convert Garmin IMG file into shapefile format

    Sorry UPay82 its wrong typing... The file is gmapsupp.img
  22. How to convert Garmin IMG file into shapefile format

    Would you please tell me where you get the gumsupp.img file from? I would like to test it myself. I wonder if I'll get the same problem or not.
  23. OMG, I just looked at my profile and I joined this site in 2011 and my dissertation is still not finished, just shoot me already . . . . .
  24. I'm back to the school grind and GIS
  25. Hello everybody

    hello and welcome
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