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  2. I have been moved to inactive member. Please let me in, I will be active. thanks
  3. Membuat DEM dari Data Kontur di ArcGIS

    wah nemu tutorial, makasih gan
  4. Last week

    Geoimage in Australia claim to supply. We haven't bought from them as yet & they say that the ALOS people are not the easy to deal with so might be worth a try. They close for Christmas soon. https://www.geoimage.com.au/-dems/5m-grid
  6. Socket Programming issue for GPS Tracking Devices

    Check with this...java multi threaded socket programming

    Hello, I am looking to buy/download 5m DEM FROM ALOS Any ideas of where to get it? I'm not sure if it matters, but I am in AFRICA Thank you, Duncan
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  9. Great share dude, useful for all that are trying to get skill in gvSIG, good luck . regards
  10. Hi all, we have launched a free course about Geographic Information Systems applied to Municipality Management, from the gvSIG Association, through several video-tutorials. At this post you can see the list of topics and the first module, that is available already in [1] At the next weeks we will publish the other modules, that we will include at this playlist: [2] The first two modules are theoretical, about differences between GIS and CAD, and reference systems, very important to understand the rest of the course. From the third one, the modules will be practical, and the cartography will be available for each video. In addition, when the course is finishing it will be possible to get the official certificate given by the gvSIG Association, where it will be obligatory to send a complete exercise. All the information about registration, dates, certification, where to send doubt... is available at the frequent questions section of the first post [1]. We hope that it's useful for you. Best regards [1] https://blog.gvsig.org/2017/12/04/free-course-about-geographic-information-systems-applied-to-municipality-management-list-of-topics-and-1st-module-differences-between-sig-and-cad/ [2] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdoUYGiBhEtUr-APrUkncNVpLtjbfe5OX
  11. Education online

    Yes, above-mentioned answer is right, I also graduated online training about IT. It was my the most genuine desire as well as the beauty of writing as http://www.EssayOnTime.com.au, but I didn't have time for offline cources, I liked on-line, really. There wasn't felt difference and I'm pleased now. So, you should to be ready and just do it with cousera, for example.
  12. How to convert Garmin IMG file into shapefile format

    Hi people, How do you export to shp files from GPSMapEdit? When I try, I get this message Export to ESRI shapefiles is available only in registered copy of GPSMapEdit (License 2.0) My GPSMapEdit is licensed with NGEN keygen.
  13. How to convert Garmin IMG file into shapefile format

    Dear UPay82, I have exactly able to do as you mentioned in the snapshots... But not able to open in GPSMapEdit2.1(Licensed). Do you have some methods to open the same... Error Below, while opening in GPSMapEdit2.1- Loading data from file 'C:\Users\Map\GarminT1\proces-gmp-output\merge\India11.img'... * Block size: 4096 * Updated: 2017/11 *** Loading sub-map: 'I0521ED2'... * Defined: NET * Defined: NOD * Generated: * Sorting: Western European WARNING: Unexpected format of input data. Text coding 11-bit per symbol is not supported. WARNING: MAPSOURC.MPS - (Not a map, just special Garmin data) ERROR: Loading has terminated. 2 warning(s). Load time is 0.01 s. Thanks.....
  14. hi moderator! I am busy for couple of months. I do not lose my status in this lovely forum since i have close connection with this platform. You can check my contents and reputation too if I am not wrong please! Please reinstate my status and give me easiest way to keep my account live with full functionality! Thanks!
  15. Beginner´s question

    Vixe! Irmão... Eu havia entendido 500 pontos... Agora 500.000 (quinhentos mil!!! seis dígitos!!!) Amigo isso é humanamente impraticável... é trabalho para uma equipe e muito$ recur$o$....
  16. Beginner´s question

    Então, eu consegui as coordenadas dos pontos de um database, mas por algum motivo quando plotei elas no mapa algumas ficaram muito longe do local que deveria. No começo eram mais de 600.000 pontos, depois de filtrar algumas acabamos com 490.000, mas mesmo assim algumas continuam muito longe (casos de o ponto estar 300m longe da cisterna). Entao pensamos que a melhor maneria de saber exatamente o local era por sensoriamento remoto
  17. Beginner´s question

    Saudações Fernando, pelo que eu entendi você quer que o arcmap encontre sozinho suas cisternas na imagem... é isso? Bom se for, eu desconheço esta função no Arcmap, porque ele é destinado a geoprocessamento. Talvez você consiga pelos programas mais robustos de sensoriamento remoto tipo Envi, ERDAS ou Ecognition .... porém também vai depender da qualidade da imagem que você está trabalhando e se todas as cisternas terão a mesma resposta espectral. De acordo com o que eu entendi na sua pergunta inicial você obteve os pontos das cisternas usando um aparelho básico de navegação por satélite, e os erros podem ultrapassar 30 metros... não acredite na mensagem do visor de erro de 2 a 5 metros... Outra coisa é qual imagem você está usando, procure ver se os Datum (Data) coincidem. No Arcmap você vai ter que acertar no braço mesmo. Sucesso...
  18. Beginner´s question

    Opa, falo sim. Minha duvida é se consigo fazer o ArcMap ou em outro software criar um range de 500 metros em todos os meus pontos e entao procurar dentro do range se existe alguma cisterna na area, se houver, ele mover\criar um ponto para o local exato, e caso não exista nenhuma cisterna no local, desconsiderar o ponto.
  19. ArcPy Random Polygons Help

    if you need full solution kindly post or PM me whatever coding you have done. you can follow steps in the link below to generate random points using arcpy... http://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/tool-reference/data-management/create-random-points.htm this is the link for creating buffer using arcpy.... http://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/tools/analysis-toolbox/buffer.htm the output shapefile of the random point will be the input file for buffer generation...
  20. ArcPy Random Polygons Help

    i want to create this using ArcPy, which is where it gets confusing for me. Using ArcPy, I am trying to take a map and create code to make random points, or lines, or polygon's (with shapes as circles or rectangles, or can be anything basic). Or if you could assist me in merging feature classes. That would help also
  21. ArcPy Random Polygons Help

    can you explain a little bit more. I am proposing a simple solution for this problem which does not involve Arcpy to generate random polygons in ArcGIS. first, generate random points using Create Random Points tool and then generate buffer around these points using Buffer tool.
  22. mencoba sedikit membantu, kalau 2 poligon tersebut sudah dimerge dan masih ada garisnya itu berarti 2 poligon tersebut masih ada jarak, coba di zoom maksimal. maap salah
  23. I need help creating random polygons of circles and rectangles using ArcPy. I'm using ArcGIS 10.3. I'm very new to programming and still don't understand a lot. But if someone could assist me with the python coding to create random some type of random polygons on a map. The polygons can be circles or rectangles. They type of polygons, doesn't matter too much.
  24. I need help creating random polygons of circles and rectangles using ArcPy. I'm using ArcGIS 10.3. I'm very new to programming and still don't understand a lot. But if someone could assist me with the python coding to create random some type of random polygons on a map. The polygons can be circles or rectangles. They type of polygons, doesn't matter too much.
  25. Absensi dan Perkenalan

    nek aku sih angkatan 2001, isih enom pokokmen huahahahaa
  26. Anyone still using ArcPad?

    For our purposes we've ditched trimble units for phones and bluetooth gps devices combind with Avenza PDFMaps... and have never looked back.
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