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  3. Permisi suhu2, saya mau tanya bagaimana caranya export batas desa dari google maps? sudah coba download file gratisan batas2 desa seIndonesia tapi kurang presisi. tq.
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  5. Hello, long time without passing here, you can reactivate my account. Thanks
  6. Dear sir, please give me access to tutorial and software sections. Thanks. Dr.A.D.Prasad.
  7. Absensi dan Perkenalan

    Mas, gimana kabar nya? btw Salam kenal Mas Admin
  8. what is HERE map encryption system?

    I think yes, based on Nissan Connect LCN2 manual map data on HERE SD-Card are encrypted by Bosch company, therefore user can't change data on SD-Card, but I'm still working on it, I'm looking for a way how can I copy OpenstreetMap on HERE SD-Card, moreover I believe for solve this problem I'll know what encryption method used by Bosch for encryption, as well as I did many research and then I think they used Advance Data Encryption tools and may be they used AES-256 encryption method(this is a my guess), anyway I'll know who has same experience, about this issue
  9. Hello, Still not active, help to access the tutorial and software sections please.
  10. what is HERE map encryption system?

    is it truly encrypted? or just proprietary format file? have you ever study the files before?
  11. ERROR 403

    @Lurker Thank you so much for your instant reply. I will check my laptop settings and clear my browser's cache and will let you know with the results!
  12. ERROR 403

    if you can access using your PC but not your laptop then definitely something wrong with your laptop for the first have you try to clear cache your browser? try different browser? 403 indicating that our sites is forbidden to be accessed. try to check firewall or antivirus setting, or maybe proxy is it your laptop and your PC share same network? the only thing that could be happen is that your laptop's IP caught in our server security and blocked but this will happen in your case, if your laptop and your PC using different network (IP address)
  13. ERROR 403

    Since the last update of the website, a few days ago, I started to get a 403 error that does not allow me to access the forum from my laptop! I can only access it from my work PC.... can anyone please help me how to resolve it?
  14. Hi Lurker, My status still inactive, please give me access to tutorial and software sections. Thanks.
  15. what is HERE map encryption system?

    Hi everyone, Who know What is encryption system used by HERE Company for their maps in SDCard?
  16. Hi . Need access to software section. Will be regular Thanks a lot.
  17. Hey. I consider myself an active user by uploading and mirroring softwares and books. Please reactivate my account.
  18. Lukas Tuma - introduction

    Hi Lucas, this great community of GISAREA give to you the welcome, feel you free to ask , seek and share experience , data and all about Remote sensing and GIS, regards
  19. Hello, My name is Lukas Tuma and I am quite new in remote sensing. I hope that I found nice and experienced community in which I can be also helpful in future. Cheers, Lukas
  20. I am still alive. Need access to software section. Will be regular visitor and will provide feedback. Regards
  21. Earlier
  22. Hello, I'm working in a project where I need the NDVI for some areas from Uruguay for the period 1988-1993, and I found this product "Landsat 5 TM 8-Day NDVI Composite" but I'm not sure of how it was calculated because the landsat frecuency is of 16 days and the NDVI value is given for every 8 days. I noticed that several Landsat products have this 8-day frecuency though. so maybe this is a general thing of the Landsat products. Here's the link of the product https://code.earthengine.google.com/dataset/LANDSAT/LT5_L1T_8DAY_NDVI Thanks in advance,
  23. I am back . Need access to software and ebook section. Will be regular visit this forum,Thanks a lot.
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