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  2. NDVI images with Sentinel 2

    @ASalas Also adding to pasfans01 answer 2., keep in mind that if you want to use NDVI for data assimilation puproses (e.g. compute vegetation biophysical parameters etc.) you will need the Surface Reflectance (Level 2A) data to produce the NDVI map, since 2A are more close to the true radiance values. For more information, you could read the sentinel 2 users guide that ESA offers. If you use the 2A data, in your case it would be of great help to first check the quality assesment data in order to see and assess the impact of cloud coverage in you scene. Regards
  3. Request to activate my account again. Thank you.
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  5. Help with Landsat ARD Metadata?

    The .MTL.txt is a text file and the ARD .xml is an XML. You cannot just change the extension and expect an xml schema to be parsed like the text file. Harris has not developed a parser for this yet, but they will likely do it in the future just like reading in Sentinel-2 .xml. In the mean time, you can simply develop your code in IDL to parse the XML file and pull the metadata of interest. Those parameters can be used in an ENVITask workflow chain. I had to do this when the Collection-1 MTL changed from the original and broke the ENVI parser. The GeoTiFF itself will open like any other image.
  6. Hello there! Please activate my account, so let me contribute something!
  7. Please activate my account. Have a few questions about map tiling Thanks, V
  8. Free Cloud Server for WebGIS

    Please Guide for Opensource Cloud Server for WebGIS.......
  9. Absensi dan Perkenalan

    salam kenal sya ardi dulu sih di mercubuana 2011
  10. PDF to Text :

    Thank you very much and also I hope that this link https://essaybison.com/buy-college-essay will be useful for your issue too. This resource has really helped me.
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  12. Where to sell GIS related Domain?

    Selling contents like data and software which are not yours are very illegal. In 2018 its a waste of time, even if those are yours. If you have quality contents which you think might help others, you should make an online service and sell those to other companies. In that way your contents will remain yours, but people will still get benefitted. Otherwise, get an authentication that the data is yours (ie. a research article may be) and then put everything into public domains. Sooner or later someone else will do the same and steal the spotlight which might be yours.
  13. Hi, I have the domain shpfile.com & was wondering where would be a good place to sell it? I don't have the time unfortunately, but I wanted to create a website to a list of shp files people could download. If anybody is interested in it, I am looking to get $20 for it. Please let me know where would be a good place to list this. Thank you all.
  14. Hello, Can anyone tell me how can I calculate "Weighted Absorption Centre (WAC)'' at the pixel level in multi-spectral data using ENVI/ERDAS/QGIS/E-cognition?
  15. Hi! I am downloading some data from https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/. I am using that data to create DEM map, grayscale maps for use in games, 3d programs for landscape design. The problem is: I crop area in GlobalMapper - Edit - export (geoTiff) -export elevation grid - export bounds- draw box - i use shift so x,y axis are same sized,.. then I save that image. If I open the image in Photoshop, x,y axis have same pixel size, seem same length, or width. On the other hand If I open them in GlobalMapper or Microdem, x,y axis seem same on screen. but when I select measure tool and measure x and y axis, are different. WTF??? Example 4096 * 4096 pixel resolution map, but x axis is measured 35 km, and y axis 45 km??? My primary field is 3d graphics, so you have to excuse me if it is beginner question. tools- configure - projection is geographic. I want the same sized map - so if the map is sized 4096 * 4096 pixel and it also represents same proportions in real world (x,y axis are same sized in ft or km) Another example: https://ibb.co/iXh8cH https://ibb.co/nMhPHH Dem map size is the same in pixels but not in kilometers. What is the issue?
  16. Build Orthomosaic in Global Mapper 19.1

    I think you have better luck using a Photogametry softwares like 3DZephyr, Pix4d , or Photoscan than global mapper.
  17. Anyone can help me how to build orhomosaic in global mapper 19.1 (high resolution) ? Thx
  18. Help with Landsat ARD Metadata?

    So i've been using landsat data for some of the research that I do, and the application I use if ENVI. I haven't had too much difficulty, it has a built in feature to open georeferenced files with metadata just by opening the MTL.txt that the landsat data generates when you unzip it. However, the new Analysis Ready Data (ARD) that I really want to try and use, generates a .xml file for the metadata and ENVI doesn't know what to do with it. I've tried converting to a .txt and changing the name, but that didn't work. Anyone else get the ARD to work, or am I just using it wrong?
  19. I read in some instructions that it is safer to reclassify with codes like value in the reclass dialogue box instead of fields like ex: Geology . Is it because there are more possibility for errors in this than in the values. I find it more easier to reclassify if it is based on descriptions like geology. Are there some other reasons that reclassification works better with values than with fields like descriptions? Thanks, Maya.
  20. Mr. Lurker, Back and would like access to software section. Cheers!
  21. Point Cloud or LIDAR for France ?

    Hi, the only alternative i can think of : http://professionnels.ign.fr/rgealti Unfortunately the data ain't free. But the cost isn't astronomical if you really need it. Most of the data is obtained by lidar, you can download for free the metadata rasters that indicate the source of data in your region of interest... You could easily determinate the precision before hand. I know no other reliable source for what you're looking for. Hope it helps. Cheers.
  22. Hi How can I get patch or crack for ecognition essentials?
  23. thanks bro lurker .... i will be active in this gisarea
  24. Membuat DEM dari Data Kontur di ArcGIS

    Terima kasih suhu atas ilmunya hehe Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  25. Terima kasih suhu infonya, tapi saya masih belum paham Karena masih sedikit mengerti bahasa Inggris hehehe, kalo bisa saya ingin meminta tutorialnya suhu ? Terima kasih Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  26. I think it is possible using WV3 What kind of analysis you going to perform ? single time or multitemporal. Multitemporal analysis going to needs more imagery rather than single imagery. If you only have single imagery covering certain region, what you must first do is develop or looking for spectral signature of bamboo tree, after that you can perform smooth classification like linear spectral unmixing, or hard classification like maximum likelihood to extract the bamboo forest based on those spectral signature. machine learning segmentation can also be used, some software has implemented machine learning classification which is very advanced and has been used widely. If you have multitemporal imagery, it will be better, because now you are enabled to monitor vegetation dynamics over the observation period. You know at certain season, vegetation will drop it leaf and regrowth it at the spring or summer. And every vegetation type behave differently to weather and climate, that information can be used to separate one type of vegetation to another one, include bamboo. good luck
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